Our company profile was tired and needed an injection of new ideas. Jo quickly understood our market and has breathed life into our marketing with new adverts, website and company brochure. She now handles all our marketing communications and PR. I recommend her highly.
— Simon Thackeray, Logopak International

Happy Clients


We have been delighted by your understanding of web development and the Internet in general. You have an excellent knowledge of the concepts behind search engine optimisation (SEO). You've provided us with great 'SEOed' copy which reads well for humans and ticks all the boxes for the search engines. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

— jim semlyen, castlegate it

Jo has provided great results for us, helping us with marketing strategy as well as more concrete hands-on marketing tasks. You can define a problem and be confident Jo will work with you to find a solution, and then to implement the solution really well.

— doug winter, isotoma

Jo has great ability in identifying personal brand and bringing tight focus to critical marketing. She goes to great lengths to understand and appreciate a business and its drivers, before recommending a plan of action. Always encouraging and creative, Jo brings a breath of fresh air to possibilities that may not otherwise be recognised.

— philipa bogle, the bogle consultancy

Jo was one of the first dedicated marketing executives for the Polar Group and provided a valuable insight supporting managers with no marketing experience. Her ability to turn their ideas and wants into practical solutions that delivered revenue profitably was well regarded and she managed to do this with diligence and good humour. I would recommend Jo as an excellent marketeer with an ability to apply her skills to many markets.

— nick pratt, ford motor company