Social Media services starting at £15/hour.


marketing strategy 

We encourage clients to think of us as an extension of their team and work closely with them to develop a marketing plan that is both cost-effective and manageable. Whether you want to promote your business, build sales or focus on customer relationships, we can help. We will begin by gaining an understanding of your business and the market you operate in, and then create a marketing plan with a clear series of steps towards achieving your goal. 

digital marketing

We can help demystify the world of digital marketing. If Google ads scare you, and you avoid social media because it's 'not me', then we can help.


If you want people to visit your website, it's important to understand the basic principles of SEO when writing the content. SEO is a set of strategies used to improve the rankings of your website in a search engine result. Content should be well written, relevant, engaging, and frequently updated. Title, meta description, and header tags should contain terms that accurately reflect the site content. URLs should be short and should contain relevant keywords.

Content that lacks depth and substance and that uses keywords excessively can be penalised in search engine rankings. Search engines companies are constantly refining their products to reward websites with high-quality content and penalise those that ignore the simple principles of SEO. Content must be written for human beings to read, not search engines. Give people what they want - clear, concise and relevant information, and your website will rank well.

Little Gem is experienced in writing concise copy for websites, as well as checking titles, tags and descriptions are all working towards giving the best rankings possible.


Once you have gained a client it's important to keep in touch with them regularly to continue the relationship, make them feel valued, and encourage repeat business. I can help you identify a Customer Relationship Management cycle, identify when you should be making contact, what messages you should be sending, and automating these contacts where possible. This results in happy customers with minimum effort on your part.


Copy writing

Great copy is essential to tell your story and ensure your website ranks well on Google.

Copy writing for brochures, websites, sale letters, press releases or blogs is an essential skill to make sure you convey the right message to your potential customers.

Little Gem has extensive experience in writing concise copy that brings out the key points. We have had significant successes in writing published press releases, winning Business Award entries, and website copy that has been carefully optimised for seo, without losing the quality of the content for the user.


Email is the most widely used Internet-based communication channel. 60% of Internet users checked their email yesterday. There is simply no other internet-based, one-to-one communication strategy with the adoption rate, reach, and usage that Email enjoys.

Your Email subscribers are a company asset that no competitor can reproduce. Even better, Email lets you communicate with subscribers through a direct, internet-based medium that is very affordable and provides instant delivery.

Get in touch to find out how to best utilise this powerful tool.


Brochures still have a place in the marketing world if you attend exhibitions, send information via post, or want to convey a sense of high value and quality to your product or service.

We work with designers and printers who can produce brochures and other material to help promote your business offline.

direct mail

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