Little Gem Marketing


Marketing Consultant in York

How we work

We will develop a marketing plan with you using a series of clearly defined steps.

Where are you now?

Initially we need a full understanding of your business, your marketplace and competitors. We'll be asking you a lot of questions! Thorough research takes time, but it is essential to the success of any marketing activity. Little Gem Marketing will undertake as much research as they can themselves, but will need feedback from you too. We will also assess any current marketing activity you undertake.

Where do you want to go?

Do you want to grow your customer base, increase profit margins, launch a new product, or increase your average order value? By how much? By when? More questions! But essential in defining a measurable and achievable objective.

Marketing Strategy

By now we should know enough about what defines your company or brand to develop a strategy for taking to market. This may involve discussions on pricing, who you are going to target, geographical considerations etc. From here a detailed marketing plan can be agreed with actions, costing and timescales.

Take action

Little Gem Marketing can execute your plan for you, or hand over at this point if you have resource in-house. We have access to a network of designers, printers, website experts and other professionals required to make your plan come to life.

Measure and Review

It is critical that any marketing activity is measured. We will agree the best method of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign, depending on the type of marketing activity. At key points the marketing plan will be reviewed against the objective, and changes made if necessary.